Shads Grip Sock

99,00 kr

Color: Black

Our current size is 42-45

Product description

Shads Grip Socks are specially developed for football, where stopping, starting, changing direction and quick turns are an integral part of the game. The socks reduce friction and reduce the risk of blisters thanks to their 360 degree non-slip grip..

With Shads Grip Socks you get:

  • Innovative silicone grip that ensures sharp turns and stability around the ankles.
  • Increased compression function for increased support and better blood circulation.
  • Durable material that extends the life of the sock and ensures continuous performance.

Shads Grip Socks are made from a breathable and antibacterial material that ensures comfort and hygiene on the football field, regardless of whether you are training or playing in an important match.

Washing instructions

Machine wash max 40 degrees with eq. colors.

Tumbling to dry is not recommended.

ATTENTION! Wash inside out for best results.